Frequently Asked Questions - Habesha Construction

FAQs - Habesha Construction

At HCMD we believe delivery on time is our moral obligation therefore we promise 18 Months for apartments and 22 months for villas after singing the contract.

Yes it is, we believe our customers should have the opportunity to make their house a home with their personal touch by making adjustment to the interior parts of the unit.

25% is the initial down payment.

Yes there is 9% penalty per annum.

The apartments shall be constructed from concrete structures and roof top of corrugated or ega sheets and trusses of manufactured steel sections. The exterior wall cladding consisting of Hollow blocks (HCB) fixed to the concrete structures and beams. Electricity and plumbing are installed in the wall cavity created by the hollow blocks (HCB) and internal wall cladding. Magnesium Oxide board, or gypsum board or HCB fixed to the structure and hollow block (HCB) walls can be used for internal wall cladding.

Our sites are located just a short drive away from the main Addis Ababa Bole Airport. The distance is only within the range of 4-6 kilometers.