Habesha Homes and Apartments

Was established in 13/09/2002 with the vision of apartment construction

  • To establish and run industries that produce office and house hold furniture, ceramics, marble, particle board, cement board gypsum board, gravel and other construction materials;
  • To engage in the development of real estates (apartments) and condominiums;
  • To import and distribute building and construction materials, construction equipments, machineries, vehicles, factories and their spare parts;
  • To import raw materials for factories
  • To export produces of factories;
  • To engage in dry and liquid transportation services;
  • To engage in rental of construction equipments;
  • To produce, import and distribute coal, petroleum and other oil products;
  • To engage in electric production and distribution activities;
  • To engage in hotel, building of resorts, and other tourism related activities;
  • To engage in agriculture and agro industry business activities;

HCMD is becoming the largest residential & commercials real estate developer and is actively engaged in building & delivering luxury apartments, villas, shops & offices.

Why Habesha?

  • Highly experienced & professional staff
  • ሐኮማል provides materials for construction
  • Habesha cement – the upcoming biggest cement factory is our sister company
  • Flexibility in internal modifications
  • Bank facilitation