Company Profile/ History

Statement by the board of directors

Habesha construction Materials and Development S.C's mission is to bridge the gap between the demand and supply of quality residential quarters at an affordable price and its business objectives include the following:

  • Investing in the construction and related industries including but not limited to construction materials, real estate, trade, and other sectors of the service industry.
  • Making direct and proprietary equity investments in companies with attractive growth and profit potentials:
  • Designing the optimum financing mix of debt and equity instruments to finance corporate growth:
  • Encouraging other investors to co-invest in such businesses as well as attracting foreign investment to Ethiopia from individual and institutional sources, including the many Ethiopians living abroad who are keen to invest in their home country.

We believe that working for the above stated mission and business objectives of the company will have a strong contribution to the development of our country through value chain creation and effective and efficient resource management. Such efforts and contribution of the private sector will allow the realization of the growth and transformation plan.

We have a strong conviction, that with the support and investment of the dedicated and committed Ethiopian people, this grand business objective will be fulfilled and thereby create a great wealth particularly to its stakeholders and to the nation in general.