Payment Terms

After entering the contract with HCMD S.C the payment can be effected through CPO or deposit to an account no. at United Bank eastern branch, beneficiary to HCMD.

First payment min 25% remaining amount will to be completed within 20 month.

Delivery time

Is there a guarantee for on time delivery of the house?

A customer who bought and entered a contract whit our company, receives the apartment after 18 months and the villa 22 months starting from construction. If HCMD did not deliver on time, the company will pay a penalty of 9% of the total price of the house.

Information regarding compound, building, home

Site location, size and specifics continuing construction projects

  1. Around ayat Square (No.1) 
    At this site the company supplies for the first time G+4 apartments to the market. About 1.130 sqm are already sold out.
  2. CMC St. Michael surrounding near to Bole Addis square (No.2)
    this site covers 50,000 sqm and includes mid & high level apartments and villas (see the price schedule)
  3. CMC around sunshine Meri Lokie (No. 1)
    residential village at the road from gurd sholla to kara (No.3) 
    this site covers 20,000 m2 and includes mid & high level apartments and villas.

Compound details (wall/fence, green areas, parking areas)

  1. Common facilities (shopping, kindergarten, restaurant)
  2. Buildings specifics (elevator, balcony) no
  3. Floor plans 3D
  4. Floor plans 2D per apartment
  5. Floor layout of building (units per floor)
  6. Number of bed rooms/bathrooms/maid rooms